I Wont Accept Your Apology!

Keith Galloway has accept John Hopoate’s apology over this vicious attacking…..and thats the problem with the game today.

Hopoate has spent nearly an entire season on the sidelines because of suspension. He has brought the game into disrepute more times then any other player I have seen in my lifetimes.

Even in places like Victoria, people that don’t know there are two codes of “Rugby” known all about Hoppa and what he has done.

John Hopoate should have been rubbed out of the game years ago, but there was ALWAYS someone willing to accept his apologies.

This is round two of the 2005 season. In round one Hopoate came into the spotlight AGAIN after swearing at a 14 year old ball boy. This is a “Man” that has 8 children of his own!

This after just making his return to the NRL after a large suspension last season.

We endure headlines EVERY YEAR that he is a changed man, but what incentive has he been given to change when after EVERY indiscretion he has been given another chance!

John Hopoate is a blight on the game of Rugby League. His further involvement in the game would just lead to more damage to the games image.

As for the “Tackle” itself, anyone that has played the game known that if you take that run up and throw yourself at a player like that, your intention is not to tackle him. Its just to hurt him, to leave him lying on the ground, knocked senseless.

So Hoppa gets 17 weeks, he is sacked by Manly and like Andrew Walker last year…he is now “Retired”. Lets hope it stays that way….but don’t hold your breath.

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