He’s Got 99 Problems And A Bitch Is All Of Them

Its funny how some players and the people around them believe they have zero accountability for their own actions.

Facing numerous charges and a restraining order against his girl friend, Greg Bird has flown to the United States (Where his girlfrend lives) and friend have said that he now wants to join the Sydney Roosters.

Random huh?

On top of that, Birds mother (Who must be so proud of her son…) has claimed Bird is depressed and the club has not stood by him while other claim Bird could sue the Sharks!

Its all gone a little insane really

I liked the suggestion that depression is the reason Bird allegedly smashed a glass in his girlfriends face, then blamed a friend for it. If thats how it worked then Huddersfield Giants supporters would be causing mass murder on a daily basis!

It makes you question at what point does a club get to a point where it wipes its hands of a player.

Obviously for some things its good for a club to coucil a player, and in many instances it works.

But when you get to a certain point, there are issues players have that family, friends, councellors and even the law of the land can’t help them sort out, so what chance does a football club have and why should they be the last resort?

Fans are really fed up with the way some players feel they deserve to carry on like idiots and then turn around and expect everyone to give them sympathy.

Not a single player who has been shown the door never to return has been missed in these circumstances.

Craig Gower, Craig Field, John Hopoate, Todd Carney….have the fans of the clubs they played for ever wished they had them back?

The greatest players the game has ever seen have all been replaced, so replacing these idiots is very, very easy.

Lets hope Cronulla sacks Greg Bird for good and just gets on with running a football club.

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