Gold Coast Titans Ready To Make An Offer To Karmichael Hunt

News Limited is reporting that the Gold Coast Titans are ready to make an official offer to former NRL player turned AFL star Karmichael Hunt.

I’ve always felt as though the Titans were favorites to snare Hunt’s signature if he returns to the NRL. The Titans could slot him straight in at fullback if he returns without too many issues.

With the Brisbane Broncos already having Ben Barba on their books, and having just signed Anthony Milford from the Canberra Raiders for the 2015 season, Hunt would need to consider where the Broncos planned to play him if he returned to his former club.

He wouldn’t have any of those concerns if he signs with the Titans.

There is the possibility that Hunt may look to switch to Rugby Union, where he had a short stint between his NRL and AFL careers. My guess is his manager will use Rugby Union as a threat to the NRL and try and bump up his price, or try to snag a central contract from the NRL.

I personally don’t believe Karmichael Hunt is the type of player the NRL should be using its central contract system for though.

I think that if an NRL club wants to sign Hunt, they need to make the deal happen on their own.

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