Five Straight Losses For Terrible St George/Illawarra Dragons Since Extending Paul McGregors Contract

It was the contract extension that Red V supporters were horrified by, and since Paul McGregor signed on the dotted line, the St George/Illawarra Dragons have looked terrible.

Having started the season with 3 wins and 2 losses, the Dragons took it upon themselves to hold onto McGregor, who has less than a 50% winning percentage since taking over the Dragons in 2014.

Since signing that contract the Dragons have lost to the Roosters, Eels, Warriors, Knights while they lost 22-9 in Wollongong in round 11 to a Cronulla Sharks team that was far from their best.

Its not so much that the Dragons are losing, it is also how they are losing. They look disorganized. Their brutal style of play early on this season looks to have taken its toll on the side. They look tired, they are being beaten to the punch by opposition sides, they simply look like a club that needs a change.

Having locked McGregor into an extension, that change doesn’t look like it will be coming any time soon.

I feel really sorry for Dragons supporters. They are turning up in good numbers to cheer on their side. They have a hell of a lot of talent in their lineup, but is just seems like they have the wrong coach at the helm.

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