Featured Guest Writer: Goodmans Rant – Nobles Reign Of Terror Over?

The RFL today released news that it will be appointing a full time coach for the Great Britain team after announcing they will not be renewing Nobles contract.

Shamefully Nobles greatest achievement with the GB team was getting one of the most comprehensive systematic thrashings ever seen on home soil by the aussies in the Tri nations final of 04.

Since GB have finished at the bottom of the table in both the 05 and 06 tournaments, although recording a memorable victory in Sydney.

It’s not really a sparkling record, and i think it’s best if we have someone totally focused on the job all year round who isn’t tied in with a club.

So who will take over?

It looks like McRae is the favorite, having just quit South Sydney.

McRae won 3 major trophies with St Helens between 96 and 97, from there after performing reasonably well with Gateshead thunder he set about turning Hull FC’s fortunes round and is part of the reason they are such a strong team today.

However, since McRae has failed pretty miserably in the NRL. This is the main gripe I have with appointing McRae. If he can’t even do moderately well with an NRL club side how can he hope to succeed against the best of the NRL with the best of SL?

Ah well, it’s not like GB have enough talent to beat the aussies anyway so i guess whoever coaches the team is doomed to failure and moanings from Wire fans about Briers inevitable exclusion.

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