FanDuel In Talks With The NRL The Stream Games

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the NRL is in talks with US betting giant FanDuel to stream live NRL games on its betting platform as the sports governing body looks to tap into the growing United States sports gambling market.

As part of the NRL kicking off the 2024 season in Las Vegas the league is looking to tap into the United States after recent moves to relax restrictions on sports gambling across the country.

The NRL would be able to offer streaming to FanDuel and have it not cause any issues with a future broadcasting partner in the United States.

FanDuel is one of the leaders in the sports gambling market in the United States, and a deal with the NRL could be great for the game as it looks to bring new revenue streams into the sport.

With the NRL committed to playing regular season games in Las Vegas beyond the 2024 season, we could see the United States market starts to grow and demand more NRL games be played in the region.

That begs the question, could we see and NRL team based in the United States within the next decade or so?

Deals like this would be the first stepping stone in any expansion plans along those lines.

Fingers crossed the deal gets done.

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