Daniel Nichols – Why Should Greg Inglis Change His Running Style?

South Sydney coach Michael Maguire has come out and stated that he believes Greg Inglis has been targeted by defenses  To this I say “Ah Duh!!!”

Manly’s Richard Fa’aoso is serving an 8 week ban for 2 separate spear tackles on the South Sydney ace but this is not the first time this season Inglis has been placed in a dangerous position.

Greg Inglis is arguably the best player in the league (for mine second only to Cameron Smith and perhaps Slater) of course he is being targeted by opposition defenses  Nothing lifts a team like a big hit, especially on the opposition’s best player. Inglis runs with such force and power that momentum will sometimes cause him to end up in a dangerous position, but why in the world should Inglis have to change his running style?

Inglis should be afforded the basic human right of expecting to not be dumped on his head every time he turns up to work. It’s not as though he is running and launching himself head first at opposition defenses  I find the argument that his running style is to blame for the tackles a complete cop out.

I am not for a second saying Fa’aoso and co meant to dump Inglis on his head, you can clearly see that Richard was upset with the result of his tackle gone wrong. He was simply trying to dump Inglis on his back with a big tackle to lift his side … BUT if you dump a player on his head perhaps something is wrong with your tackling technique.

There isn’t a fullback in the league who doesn’t hit the ball up as hard and he can yet they don’t find themselves dumped on their head every second week. Inglis is a prized scalp, which player would not want to put him on his backside with a huge hit?

Geoff Toovey is clutching at straws by saying Inglis is responsible for ending up in a dangerous position twice in the same game by the same player. IF Inglis ended up in the dirt in every tackle then and only then could you start to question his running style. Absolutely laughable!!!

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