Daniel Nichols – The 40/20 Rule Needs To Be Reviewed

Confusion well and truly reigned today across social media after two seemingly identical 40/20 kicks were treated completely differently.

Early in the first half of the Roosters win over the Panthers, Jake Friend landed a beautiful 40/20 kick. His team took the quick tap that is now allowed this season, in a play that resulted in Panthers second rower Elijah Taylor being sin binned.

The Roosters scored from the resulting penalty and were never headed.

No arguments with anything that took part up until this stage, however in the second half Jamie Soward kicked a 40/20, only for the Panthers to be held up, allowing the Roosters to get back on side.

When Soward kicked his 40/20, RTS for the Roosters knocked the ball away, which was then returned via a Roosters ball boy. This rendered the quick tap ineligible, meaning the Panthers were forced to wait.

Straight up, to award a quick tap for a 40/20 kick is ridiculous. Surely a scrum feed, with a fresh set of six within two metres of an opponents try line is reward enough.

BUT … if you’re going to award a quick tap, then it should not come down to a technicality.

If it starts to happen more often, we’ll start seeing opposition players kick the ball away from the mark, meaning the tap is far more difficult to execute.

What is stopping a ball boy or girl, who are typically young kids, from returning the ball, meaning the quick tap is not available?

Way too many variables. Go back to a scrum.

Panthers Found Out?
I had to laugh at fans who were asking the question on whether or not the Panthers were exposed today in their loss to the Roosters.

The Roosters, who had not taken the field since their massive upset loss to the Sharks, 14 days ago, looked fresh and ready, whereas the Panthers, who played a thriller against the Broncos on Monday, looked tired and out of ideas.

Let’s not forget that the Roosters and current minor premiers, premiers and world champions. Losing to the best in the game doesn’t expose you.

They were not blown off the park, and in my opinion are still very much in contention for a top four finish.

Strip Sets Bad Precedent
The try awarded to Jonathan Thurston, who stripped the ball from Michael Gordon after he had been involved with a second tackler sets a horrible precedent.

Commentators were baffled as a try was awarded after the first tackler “dropped off” before Thurston affected the strip.

Under my understanding, once a player is involved in the tackle, even if he drops off, a second player can not effect a one on one strip.

To be honest I was happy enough with the decision, because at no point were two players involved in the tackle BUT what is stopping a player from running up, putting a hit on, only to drop off, and a second player coming in to pinch the ball for a rocked player?

Reynolds On The Outer?
Incredibly there is talk of South Sydney halfback Adam Reynolds being off loaded at the end of the season.

Just 12 months ago Reynolds was the man who with John Sutton was leading his side to a second place finish, and was heavily tipped to take over the NSW playmaking position should Pearce be removed from his post.

Luke Keary, who was caught up in an interstate tug o war, looks as though he is the long term choice at Redfern, while Cody Walker’s signing for next season will put further pressure on former Origin hopeful. John Sutton also arguably looks more at home in the halves than at lock.

Although those at the Bunnies have denied Reynold’s future is in doubt, four into two simply does not work.

Expect the Sharks, Raiders and Cowboys to pounce should Reynolds be given permission to talk to other clubs.

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