Daniel Nichols – Is State Of Origin Flying Under The Radar?

Tomorrow night will see NSW attempt to record a whitewash, rather than avoid one, which has unfortunately for us long suffering NSW fans, been the flavour of the past almost decade.

In this series we have seen Jarryd Hayne become an absolute legend of the game, the emergence of young Hodkinson and Reynolds as a potential five year paring for the Blues, and the possible immortalisation of Paul Gallen.

NSW ended one of the most dominant streaks in professional sport to much fanfare, in front of a huge crowd at ANZ Stadium.

Why aren’t we all over the top excited about Game Three?

Is the fact the QLD reign is finally over affecting our view of Origin Three? Is the fact it is a ‘dead rubber’ the reason it’s not saturating the media, at least in NSW.

Fans north of the border, are the papers and tv channels rallying you to get to the game and avoid the whitewash, as NSW media had done over the years?

I’m looking forward to the game, but only to see Paul Gallen finally lift that shield, after many, many years of falling just short.

The result doesn’t overly matter. Don’t get me wrong, I want NSW win, but I’d rather Gallen and Lewis come out injury free and be able to help the Sharks avoid the wooden spoon.

Twitter has shown me that most people think along the same lines. The result would be good, but not if a player from their side was injured and could not back up on the weekend.

The game is not yet a sell out, and although I place blame for that squarely on the ‘genius’ who thought it would be a good idea to raise prices yet again for a dead rubber, you’d have to think there would be enough interest to fill Suncorp.

Is it just me, and those I interact with on social media that aren’t at fever pitch? if not, what is to blame? Ticket prices? A dead series? Mal Meninga refusing to talk to the media?

In saying that … NSW 30-0 to complete a 3-0 whitewash.

Bunnies vs Titans – Worst Game Of The Year?
Last night’s game will be remembered for the insane penalty and error count, rather than the score, or performance of either side.

Missing Bird, Myles, Taylor, Inglis, McQueen and Teo to Origin, the game never lived up to, well any sort of standard.

A horrible crowd barely turned out to watch the two understrength sides go round, despite the efforts of Bunnies and ANZ staff to offer cheaper ticket deals.

Monday Night footy during Origin … Has to go

Geoff Toovey Cops A Spray From Dogs Fans?
Has an opposition coach ever NOT received a spray from fans when travelling? If they’re not coping grief, they’re doing something wrong.

As long as it’s good natured and not over the top, i.e. genuine abuse, it’s part of the game.

Geale Everywhere
Former, and future, World Champion Daniel Geale has been absolutely everywhere since announcing his upcoming title fight.

He’s been busy promoting his fight, but also had time to promote Origin, wearing his Blues shirt in sparing fellow world championship challenger Jarrod Fletcher, who wore his QLD Origin singlet.

The NRL could do FAR WORSE than to associate itself with Geale on a more permanent basis.

There aren’t many better role models out there than the proud Tigers fan.

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