Mal Meninga Refuses To Talk To The Media Ahead Of State Of Origin Three

He might earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to coach only three games a yeah, but it seems that Mal Meninga is unwilling to fulfill all of his commitments as Queenslands State Of Origin coach.

Queensland cancelled media events Monday and then confirmed that they would send Cameron Smith to a pre game press conference rather than having Meninga attend.

Forget New South Wales…what message does this send to Queensland Rugby League supporters who are now dealing with their first series loss in years? Why is it on the shoulders of Cameron Smith to deal with questions that Mal Meninga is paid to answer?

Mal Meninga loses one series and all of a sudden he doesn’t want to turn up to media events in Queensland to promote State Of Origin in Brisbane?

Mal Meninga coaches just three games a year. Coaching Queensland, especially over the era he has been in charge, is the best job in the world. There have been years when Meninga could have turned up and said nothing and the talent he had would still have got the job done.

Here is a newsflash for Mal Meninga…if you are doing nothing to promote State Of origin games AND you are now losing games…what does the QRL need to pay you for any more? They will get rid of you in a heartbeat as soon as they feel you are not worth the money!

This is a real slap in the face of Queensland Rugby League supporters.

They say adversity reveals character…

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