The Formal Apology You Require From The Table Topping Penrith Panthers

Sometimes you just have to be the better person and admit your mistakes. You need to sit down, think about what you have done, and come to the conclusion that you need to make amends for your actions.

As the Penrith Panthers find themselves atop of the NRL ladder, again, we have seen a bit of a backlash against the club. Sure the Panthers goals are much higher than topping the table in July, after all, they are not the Rabbitohs, but still people have felt the need to attack Penrith pretty heavily for the position they are now in.

As the Penrith Panthers highest profile supporter I think it is up to me to say something…

I’m sorry.

I am sorry that the Penrith Panthers are currently the best team in the NRL right now.

I am sorry that the Panthers were handed a draw that is a little easier than the one other clubs face.

I am sorry about the lack of injuries Penrith Panthers players have picked up over the course of the year.

I am sorry that the Panthers have gone through the representative season without having to worry about losing players.

I am sorry that the Penrith Panthers goals are focused on winning a Premiership rather than just making the finals.

I am sorry that the Penrith Panthers pay their players and staff on time.

I am sorry that a dozen of the Panthers players are not waiting for show cause letters from ASADA.

I am sorry that Jamie Soward is playing well and is really enjoying his football.

I am sorry that Brent Kite celebrated his 300th game with a big win over a busted Wests Tigers team playing at a relic from the 1800’s that should have been closed down decades ago.

I am sorry that Jamal Idris is back and playing well.

I am really sorry that Matt Moylan is starting to show signs that he is a representative fullback of the future.

I am sorry that Peter Wallace’s injury made us Panthers fans all wish that Issac John, a current New Zealand test player, wasn’t also injured as he is quality of backup we have become used to having at the foot of the mountains.

I am sorry that Adam Docker and Nigel Plum keep putting your forwards on their arses week after week.

I am sorry that when Sika Manu skittles your fowards and scores a try you think “What! They have him too?”.

I am sorry that Josh Mansour thinks he can run for 200 meters week in and week out.

I’m sorry that I have yet to have to use the word “allegedly” when writing about a Penrith Panthers player this year.

I am sorry that Ivan Cleary is the best value for money coach in the competition by a long, long way.

I am sorry that the Penrith Panthers are finally handling the worlds biggest junior Rugby League nursery well and that over the next decade we will see the club produce a number of test players.

I am sorry that the Panthers won the 2014 NRL Membership Race by increasing its membership by 131%.

I am sorry that Tyrone Peachey has found his feet in first grade and is turning into a utility forward with great footwork and the skills to trouble opposition teams on a weekly basis.

I am sorry that this is all just the beginning.

Most of all I am sorry for the three clubs we will play in the finals series who feel as though they have a shot at winning it all, only to come up against the mighty Penrith Panthers!

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