The Penrith Panthers – Celebrating 1,000 Days As NRL Premiers

Today marks the 1,000th day in a row of the Penrith Panthers being reigning NRL Premiers!

As a Penrith Panthers supporter I can’t even begin to explain what the last 1,000 days has been like. I could never have dreamed that the Panthers would win three premierships in a row, as well as breaking all of the records that they have along the way.

I remember when the Panthers won their first Premiership in 1991, I was only a kid, but it was still amazing. By 2003 I was old enough to really celebrated our Premiership that year properly.

Funnily enough, it felt like a lifetime between the 1991 and 2003 Premierships for some reason to me.

When the Panthers made the 2020 NRL Grand Final against the Melbourne Storm I knew it was so far ahead of schedule, and that they were such a young side, that this was just a sign that they would be a team that was there, or there about, for a number of years to come.

I never for a second thought they’d become the unstoppable juggernaught they have been over the last three years!

2021 was very sweet. Beating the South Sydney Rabbitohs was awesome. In 2022 when we annihilated the Parramatta Eels, it was so different because the game was over by half time and I could just enjoy it all. The 2023 Grand Final victory over the Brisbane Broncos was the most emotional I’ve ever been during a game. That comeback, it was like some sort of dream come true.

I’ve said on the podcast before, winning that game, knowing we had won three straight Grand Finals, I felt like I’d beaten the final boss in Rugby League. I’ve seen NSW dominate State Of Origin, I’ve seen Australia win everything and dominate international Rugby League, so for the Panthers to stamp themselves as the best team of the modern era, I couldn’t ask for anything more out of the game of Rugby League.

As a supporter, I’ve experienced everything I could ever ask for.

So the last 1,000 days have been like a dream come true. I couldn’t ask for any more. I’ll never forget this entire run, and one day when it comes to an end, I’ll just be so happy and thankful that I got to experience it at all.

Thank you to the Penrith Panthers, and everything you have achieved over the last 1,000 day.

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