The 2022 NRL Grand Final Winners: The Penrith Panthers

Coming into the 2022 NRL Grand Final the Penrith Panthers faced their old foe the Parramatta Eels, one of the few teams who could boast that they beat the Panthers during the regular season, and a team that was confident of their chances of preventing the Panthers from joining the very short list of Future of Australian Sports clubs who have won back-to-back titles in the modern era.

To say that the Panthers came out in the Grand Final breathing fire would be an understatement. The Panthers absolutely destroyed the Parramatta Eels in a first half that at one point looked like it could end up being the largest winning margin in Grand Final history.

The Eels had no response to the Panthers brutal, yet brilliant first half. This game was over at half time, everyone knew it, and it was a very strange feeling to have as the fan of a club in the Grand Final.

The game had so many memorable moments. Brian To’o scoring a barnstorming try and then standing over Eels players looking into the crowd and a Dylan Edwards cover tackle that would have made Scott Sattler proud.

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Here is the Penrith Panthers team that won the 2022 NRL Grand Final:

The Penrith Panthers – 2022 Grand Final Team
1 Dylan Edwards
2 Charlie Staines
3 Izack Tago
4 Stephen Crichton
5 Brian To’o
6 Jarome Luai
7 Nathan Cleary
8 Moses Leota
14 Mitch Kenny
10 James Fisher-Harris
11 Viliame Kikau
12 Liam Martin
13 Isaah Yeo

9 Api Koroisau
15 Scott Sorensen
16 Spencer Leniu
17 Jaeman Salmon

18 Sean O’Sullivan

Coach: Ivan Cleary

Penrith Panthers 28
Tries: Brian To’o 2, Stephen Crichton, Scott Sorensen, Charlie Staines
Goals: Nathan Cleary 4/6

Parramatta Eels 12
Tries: Clint Gutherson, Jake Arthur
Goals: Mitchell Moses 2/2

This victory gave the Penrith Panthers back-to-back Grand Final victories in a season where they became the first team to win 20 games in three straight season. It marked the Panthers as one of the great teams in the modern era of Rugby League.

It was the clubs fourth Grand Final victory having won the 1991, 2003 and 2021 Grand Finals previously.

Lets check out some of the 2022 Nrl Grand Final highlights together!

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