Penrith Panthers Officially Sever Ties With Taylan May

The Penrith Panthers have reached a confidential agreement with Taylan May that will see May leave the club with immediate effect so that he can look for a playing contract elsewhere.

May is currently scheduled to face court early next year, and had only just signed a sizeable contract extension with the Panthers, but it seems the club just wanted nothing more to do with May and they have been working towards cutting ties with him for a number of weeks now.

Under NRL salary cap rules, any payout the Penrith Panthers have given May WILL count towards their salary cap. It will all depend on how much (If any), money was paid, and under what terms it will be paid.

Either way, May will now be free to sign with any other club in the NRL now. He can also look overseas if he wishes. His future lies in his hands.

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