Daniel Nichols – Hysteria Aside, The NRL Did The Right Thing

Social media and talkback radio have exploded after the news of bans being handed down as a result of two separate incidents from the Under 20’s Origin match.

Tiger Mitch Moses has been handed a two week ban, with threat of more severe punishment to be handed down if he were to re offend for referring to a member of the QLD side with a homophobic slur.

The incident was clearly heard on the Fox Sports coverage and Moses was identified as the offender.

The fact that the player Moses aimed his barb at did not want to lodge a formal complain probably spared Moses further punishment.

Although I have been called worse by friend and enemies, it is not a good look for a game that only recently signed up to be a part of an anti discrimination plan to be enacted across multiple sports.

Moses has since apologised and has accepted the two week ban.

Although there is clearly no place for these sorts of comments in the modern game, those calling for a life ban are buying into mass hysteria. A two week ban is appropriate in my eyes, while re offending will likely lead to much more severe repercussions.

Meanwhile NSW forward Matt Lodge has also been handed a two week ban after displaying that magic ‘C’ word across his wrist tape.

Once again, it’s not like he murdered anyone, however it was a huge error in judgement. Why he thought it would be appropriate to clearly display a word most people see as the most offensive in the English dictionary is way beyond me.

For those saying “its just a word” remember that the NRL is a multi billion dollar organisation funded by corporate sponsorship. To have a young player with that particular word written across his tape beamed into 100,000+ homes is not a good look.

Both were acts that showed poor judgement in a nationally televised sport with plenty of eyes, and ears, on it right now.

Both deserved two week bans but hopefully neither player’s career will be remembered by either incident.

Pacific Clash Passes The Test
Can anyone that watched the Samoa vs Fiji test say that didn’t enjoy the contest? A high scoring, lead swapping, vocally supported game of footy with some amazing talent played in great spirits. Great fun. The result, for me, was irrelevant, but if they were to play again come the end of the season, I’d watch it all over again.

Mamo Mia!
A brilliant hat trick of tries to Newcastle youngster Jake Mamo was the highlight of the Under 20’s Origin game. Meanwhile everyone is already talking about young Falou as the next big thing, and big he is. Great clash.

Roo Good
The all conquering Kangaroos overcame a spirited New Zealand side in an entertaining contest on Friday night. I’m glad it wasn’t the pasting many suggested it would be, but I never felt as though the Roos were in danger of losing the game.

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