Daniel Nichols – Andrew Fifita Deal Off, Will A Bidding War Now Ensue?

I’m sure by now everyone has heard the breaking news that Andrew Fifita four year deal with the Dogs has been torn up. There are conflicting reports as to why but the official line is that the Dogs could not agree to a few terms after third party deals fell through.

Fans, rightfully, questioned whether it had anything to do with his now infamous quotes that he wishes he had signed for Union after the abuse he copped for signs for the Dogs. I don’t want to speculate as I simply don’t know, however it’s fair to assume it has something to do with the decision from the Dogs.

So where to now for Fifita? The general feeling from Sharks fans is that they’d of course re welcome him to the club with open arms, at reduced terms than that of his Dogs contract. Sharks fans were gutted when Fifita announced his decision to head to Belmore and were not shy in sharing their feelings.

Fifita may have burned his bridge with the Sharks, likewise the fan reaction may mean Fifita does not want to stay past 2014.

The news may re-start the bidding war which reportedly had the Sharks trying to fend off offers from Souths and the Roosters. There are strong rumours that Souths will move for Tim Grant should he be released from the Panthers meaning they may have moved on. The Roosters are reportedly chasing Wade Graham to replace Sonny Bill, so they too may have moved on. The bidding war may re start however you have to think Fifita would have to accept considerably less than what the Dogs offered.

The third, and most likely option, is that Fifita gets his wish early and heads off to play Union. After his comments you have to wonder if its worth investing $600,000+ a season in a player who has one eye on union.

No doubt the Warratahs have been brought right back into the fold and may be able to pick Fifita up on somewhat reduced terms. News was that the cash strapped ARU was unable to top up any contract offer to Fifita, however with his asking price sure to drop, perhaps they won’t need to for the Tahs, or another Aussie side to secure his signature.

Surely this is a chance for the Sharks to produce some good news in a season that is fast slipping away. Re-signing Fifita would hold off some of the bad press and surely restore some faith in the battered Sharks fanship. It would be a feather in management’s cap if they were able to do a fast and affordable deal for the player neither the club nor fans ever wanted to see leave in the first place.

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