So, Who Pulled The Pin On The Andrew Fifita Deal?

In a stunning turn of events, the Canterbury Bulldogs have announced that the deal to sign Andrew Fifita is now off.

So, who pulled the pin?

You don’t announce that you have signed a player to the richest deal for any front row forward in the games history unless you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. Something between announcing the record deal and today happened to see the deal cancelled so dramatically.

There is no doubt that when Andrew Fifita came out last week and claimed he regretted signing with the Canterbury Bulldogs and wished he had joined Rugby Union that plenty of people at the Canterbury Bulldogs were infuriated.

The Canterbury Bulldogs have had to deal with so many issues over the years regarding players that have signed long term deals that don’t end up fulfilling those deals. You have to wonder whether this was a line in the sand. You have to wonder whether the Bulldogs said enough is enough and basically told Fifita they didn’t want him if that was how he felt.

If that is the case, it is an incredible move by the Bulldogs. One I admire.

I am guessing what is more likely to have happened is that Fifita had already told his player manager that he felt he had made a mistake. That is why he decided to come out with so many extraordinary quotes last week in which he took shots at the Bulldogs, the Sharks and supporters in general.

Either way, Fifita is almost certain to sign with the ARU, and I’d be surprised if he did so for anywhere near the money the Bulldogs were going to pay him.

Bulldogs fans will no doubt be angry but I think this is a great day for the club. This is a sign that they will not be taking on any more problems.

As for Andrew Fifita, he has now got his wish.

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