Changing Women’s Lives Through Rugby League

After battling with depression and crippling arthritis, Kiwi Fern’s Christly Stowers is now part of a gallant initiative. With her league club that is providing women with tools to use off and on the field. In the meantime, sports betting fans in Illinois can now use the BetMGM IL bonus code to enjoy a mouthwatering bonus risk-free on their first bet. So how is Kiwi Fern’s initiative saving women’s lives?

The Story of Christly Stower  
As per her life’s story, sports provided her an avenue to escape specific periods of her childhood. The 28-year-old revealed that she witnessed domestic violence when she was growing up. Although that was tough for her, she found solace in sports. She claimed that her motivation to play footy was because it was the only time her mind felt clear. Sports offered her something positive to focus on. 

Stower also revealed that she underwent a lot of challenging moments, but sport made her happy. Moreover, as a Kiwi Fern, she has now got to a point in her life where she desires to help others undergoing similar situations. By her admission, she did not pay attention in school. Nevertheless, she is now determined to study an online Certificate in Life Coaching. 

She revealed that she was pursuing this course because she wants to be equipped to help others having challenges in their childhood. Popularly known as “Sharky,” she also stated that she wants to help because she knows things can get really rough sometimes. Sharky draws her motivation from the battles she has overcome. For instance, her dad died last year from bowel cancer, and she was battling depression. As if that was not enough, she was later diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This is an autoimmune disease where your body’s immune system attacks your joints resulting in chronic inflammation. 

She stays strong because her ambition is to play for New Zealand at the Rugby League World Cup later in the year. Sharky also stated that her family has played a critical role in motivating her to push through the pain. 

Mareikura Girls and Women Rugby League Development Program
The resilient Sharky is not part of her club’s new initiative that seeks to empower women. Being a senior member of Manurewa Marlins, Sharky plays a crucial role in mentoring and training together with the young players coming through. 

The main difference about the initiative is that its foundations are not based on on-field performances. It does not focus on winning games, grades, or becoming a superstar. Karla Matua is the brains behind the initiative. She claims that the program is all about developing young women as individuals and equipping them with tools they can use in life. 

Matua also says this approach is holistic, making the young girls confident and ready to handle sports and other areas of their lives. The program has also extended into local schools where senior members hold training sessions with girls.

Final Thoughts
The holistic approach of this initiative helps develop the girls into better members of the community. It is also refreshing to hear that it does not pressure the girls to win competitions or become superstars. Instead, the main focus is equipping the girls with tools that they can apply on and off the field.

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