Carney Quits As The Gold Coast Makes Headlines!

He had only just arrived back in Australia after being delayed by “Visa Problems” but it didn’t take long for Brian Carney to throw in the towel and retire from Rugby League all together.

Carney cited a loss of passion for his sudden retirement and to his credit he said he didn’t want to just pick up a salary and not give 100% commitment to the club.

Shock Horror: Rogers Injured
Its a far cry from his now former team mate, Matt Rogers, who’s opinions seem to change depending on who is paying his salary.

Many people right now are praising Matt Rogers for his return to the game and have said it shows that he doesn’t value money over happiness. But where were these people back in 2000 and 2001 when Rogers went from loving Rugby League, to hating the game as he switched codes.

For a long time Rogers couldn’t stop bagging Rugby League. I don’t forget two faced sh*t like that and neither should any other true Rugby League fan.

Anyway it was with great surprised that Rogers broke down during his first training session with the Titans. I still maintain that his signings is the biggest waste of money the club could have possibly made. He’ll be flat out playing 10 games.

Turner Sticks With Storm
Meanwhile Steve Turner will play this year after the Storm and Titans worked out a deal to let the former Panther play in 2007.

Turner will have to pay the Titans around $100,000 and the Storm will have to give up two promising young players to the Titans…but at least this saga is finally over!

McCrea For Lions?
Failed South Sydney coach Shaun McCrea is being sounded out as the next Great Britain coach in a move that has to be some sort of bad joke.

I’m no fan of Brian Noble but at least the RFL appointed him on the basis that he was a successful club coach!

McCrea’s lost post was a dismal failure and he has not coached a team to any sort of success in years.

Surely if GB is to have any sort of success they need to employ a top of the line coach to take over the Great Britain set up. Or is that just to much common sense for the RFL?

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