Bunnies Sign Ten Year Agreement With Olympic Stadium, And What A Deal!

South Sydney Rabbitohs

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have signed a ten agreement with Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium) to play at least ten games at the 80,000 seat stadium each year.

As a sweetner in the deal the Rabbitohs will have their own, personal NFL style change rooms decked out in Rabbitohs colours and paying tribute to the great players in South Sydneys history.

Its just another great move made by the Crowe/Peter Holmes a Court ownership team who took the worst run club in the game and have turned them into a big player.

While the previous managment was looking to play out of a re-developed Redfern Stadium that would have a capacity of 12,000, Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court have looked at the bigger picture and made a great deal.

In their few years in charge of the club, they have put in place a deal to re-vitalize the League club, they have made Souths and Rugby League a recognised brand in not only Australia, but around the world and they have most importantly made it a football team that is successfull on and off the field and one that top players want to play for.

Its been nothing short of a revolution and its somthing administrators of clubs and the game itself should take a good hard look at and do their best to emulate.

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