Brian Waldron Apologises For Biggest Salary Cap Scandal In The Games History

It takes a big person to admit they got something wrong, and finally, after a number of years, Brian Waldron has apologized for the long term, systematic abuse of the NRL salary cap that led to the Melbourne Storm being stripped of two NRL titles.

Geez, thanks Brian. You’re a real sport!

It is interesting that this apology finally came because at the time the scandal broke Waldron was unapologetic. He made out that every team was rorting the salary cap, that an NRL club simply had to cheat if it wanted to be competitive, and that anyone that didn’t think that was the case was naive.

I’m not a Melbourne Storm supporter but I was absolutely gutted when the Storm were found to have breached the cap the way they did. It change the games history books in a way that can never been fixed.

I felt as though the titles the Storm won in 2007 and 2009 should have been handed to the clubs that they beat in the Grand Finals of those years, the Manly Sea Eagles and the Parramatta Eels.

The good thing about Waldron’s apology is that it is complete closure on the salary cap scandal. I guess that is something for Melbourne Storm supporters…

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One thought on “Brian Waldron Apologises For Biggest Salary Cap Scandal In The Games History

  1. But, he didn’t really apologise, he stated that it is appropriate that he apologise. He stopped short of actually doing it though.

    I question the timing of it, why now? Is he trying to hi-jack the Ryan Tandy tragedy. Remember that Tandy left in the wake of this, maybe if he doesn’t go to the dogs, he doesn’t get involved in spot fixing and his life doesn’t spiral out of control to the point that it did.

    No apology now will ever make it right since he can’t apologise to everyone involved personally!

    He does not deserve the credit he is getting for apologising when he hasn’t actually done so! Call him out instead for the conniving turd he is! he is trying to make it looks like he has said sorry when he hasn’t!

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