Brian McDermott’s Ignorance Clouds His View Of The Big Picture

Reports that the New Zealand Warriors were interested in signing Leeds Rhinos academy captain Jordan Baldwinson really upset Brian McDermott.

The realization that the Leeds Rhinos are just a big fish in a small pond, and that NRL clubs will sign every single player they decide they want from Super League really hasn’t say well with McDermott. He has lashed out at the NRL and the “southern hemisphere” in general in a classic dummy spit!

McDermott has told Sporting Life that he is mystified as to why NRL clubs are now looking at youngsters from England after, in his words “there’s been a strong sense of disdain from the NRL in terms of how they regard Super League”.

McDermott said “Over the last couple of decades I’ve seen enough of a lack of respect for Super League so I wonder why all of a sudden there’s been a shift in focus where their juniors aren’t good enough and they have to go pick some kids from Leeds and Wigan”.

I find this stance hilarious considering that McDermott coaches the Leeds Rhinos, one of the clubs in Super League that consistently pillages other Super League clubs, and their junior development teams, of players and coaches without a second thought!

McDermott threw up another cracking quote when he said  “The broader question to ask is why clubs in the southern hemisphere feel the need to come over here and sign up some young English players? The game is supposed to be bigger over there, they’ve a huge pool of players and there is more money in the game over there.”

This really shows how people within English Rugby League are so wrapped up in themselves that they just don’t see the big picture.

You see, NRL clubs now have the money to look far and wide for talent. Clubs are looking everywhere they possibly can for good young players that they might be able to develop into decent first graders.

NRL clubs are scouting Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, all of Europe, Rugby League and Rugby Union in an effort to identify players.

As I’ve had to say time and time again…. ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU ENGLAND!!!!

Very few people anywhere rate Super League, and for a very good reason. If Super League was as good as some people in Super League think it is, maybe the competition would have a major sponsor. Maybe it wouldn’t need a ridiculous competition format. Maybe clubs wouldn’t be going broke all over the place. Just a thought!

There is a really good reason why NRL clubs are targeting youngsters from England. They want to get to them before coaches like Brian McDermott get their hands on them and ruin them!

Look at a youngster like Gareth Widdop. He moves to Australia as a teenager and with quality coaching he has been an outstanding success. Despite everything he has already achieved in his young career England Rugby League coach Steve McNamara has never rated him at all.

NRL clubs know, if you get an England player when they are young enough and before some terrible Super league coach has broken them, you have a chance to develop a very good player.

McDermott can whinge all he likes about the NRL, he can’t stand in the way of young players that want more money and a better life in a better competition. Brian McDermott might have something against the NRL, probably out of jealousy, but these young English kids are ambitious and want to be part of the best competition in the world.

It amazes me that English Rugby League still has so many small minded, small world thinkers like Brian McDermott in its ranks. The paranoid stupidity that I hear from being spewed by certain people in Super League really worries me.

At a time when Super League needs to be looking at the big picture you still see too many people who only care about their own little club in their own little area. They don’t see, know or care about anything beyond what they see as their patch of turf.

McDermott might be puzzled by the NRL’s search for talent, but young English players love it. They want to be part of it.

At the end of the day, its not about one nation or competition against another. Its about one business that is a success, and the other which is not a success.

In a game that was born out of the desire for professionalism, players are simply doing what they have always done. They are following the money.

What ever decision Jordan Baldwinson makes, I wish him all the best. I hope he does what ever makes him happy and that he has a very successful career. Whether that is in the NRL or in Super League doesn’t really bother me. I do know which one would give him the best chance of becoming a true star in the game of Rugby League though…

Link: McDermott Puzzled By NZ Focus

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One thought on “Brian McDermott’s Ignorance Clouds His View Of The Big Picture

  1. You talk some crap. OK take all the talent that comes through our juniors and we will soon have no RL at all.
    You snaffle all the talent from the South Pacific Islands and NZ may as well take all ours.We are threadbare as it is, you will only be putting another nail in English RL s coffin lid.
    In the years to come there will be ony you playing two games that no one else wants to play.
    I am old enough to remember when we St Helens used to smack the Aussie tourists arses. Cos we laid on them a few times when they came over for the world cup in France they challenged Saints to a match for a warm up we smacked their arse again.
    The game has altered now not the same game that I grew up with and played. Scrums are daft don’t know why we have them of course the aussies changed them, 5 bullocks by forwardfs then a kick OH! lets do something different kick on the fourth tackle or even more exciting kick on the third all the rules now heve been changed by the aussies. What a load of tossers ruined a bloody good game. Don’t ever forget that only for us Northerners you would only be playing RU and Aussie rules.

    You user name suits FREAK.

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