Adrian Morley Retires To The Salford Reds

In what can only be described as a disgraceful move, the Salford Reds have signed 36 year old forward Adrian Morley from the Warrington Wolves.

Morley, who will turn 37 early next year, will joining the soon to be renamed Salford Red Devils in 2014.

For what ever reason Salford has been fixated on signing Morley for a long time now. They eventually got their man, when no on else was stupid enough to pay him money to play Rugby League any more.

If this is the new era for the Salford Reds, it is off to a terrible start. You do not build clubs around 36 years old forwards whose best years were a decade ago!

I have nothing against Morley. He will be over the moon! He has hit the jackpot!

To think that at 36 years of age and with his career winding down to a close that he can still find someone who will pay him good money to play on is fantastic! Good luck to him!

I really worry about the Salford Reds though. Marwan Koukash really needs to look at the people that are running the club for him.

If he intends to build a team for the future, buying players from the past is not the way to go.

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