Boxing Manager Admits To Fixing Fights, Including A Mike Tyson Fight

There is a really interesting story over on Deadspin with a boxing manager admitting to fixing numerous fights over a very long career.

Its a really good read, make sure you click the link and check it out.

Boxing is in a very strange position right now in that there are far fewer big fights than there once were, the big fights that everyone wants to see have not been happening for ridiculous reasons, and the rise of MMA has cut into its natural audience.

Negative headlines like this won’t help boxing cause.

It is long overdue for Boxing to get its act together, come under one governing body, and start unifying belts and cleaning up divisions.

One of the main reasons for the rise of MMA is that the UFC has basically been the main governing body of the sport for a long time and that had allowed one vision for the sport. The UFC can use its influence to help promote the sport, it makes sure the big fights people want to see happen, and it can do all of this knowing it isn’t promoting someone else’s product and lining another promotions pockets.

If Boxing came together under one banner in a similar fashion it wouldn’t take long at all for it to regain a lot of popularity and credibility. Having a focused promotion of the sport would be incredible and would allow Boxing to push headline fights on a regular basis that people would actually pay attention to.

I’d also suggest that with one governing body controlling the sport, issues with fixed fights would also be easier to weed out and remove from the sport.

Anyway its a great read and one I know readers of the web site would enjoy.

Link: Why I Fixed Fights

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