Big Willie To Stay Out Of The Ring….For Now!

Well Willie Mason has decided to wait 12 months before he steps into the boxing ring, and I have to say, its a smart decision.

Mason was going to be rushed into this boxing gig and he was going to have to do it during off season training with the Roosters. At least by waiting a year he may get a better preparation and have a better chance of hand picking what ever poor bastard they will walk off the street for him to punch the living crap out of.

I’ve got nothing against these footballers that want to pull on the gloves and have a stink. Hell, I would much rather watch a footy player I know in a fight than a couple of chumps I don’t know.

However in recent years the people that have been put in front of footy players in their boxing matches have been nothing short of punching bags! Guys who are supposed to be professional fighters but who don’t throw punches, who have no defense, who are completely spent over 1 minute of the first round and who make these footy players look like skills boxers compared to their lack of talent!

If Mason wants a fair opponent, I reckon he should not listen to all of these promoters and failed boxers who just want to either make money out of him, or gain attention for their next fight. Mason should go it alone and fight another Rugby League player.

Imagine Willie Mason vs David Kidwell. Now who wouldn’t want to see that!

It makes you think about some other good bouts you could put together on a Rugby League card.

How about Craig Gower vs Mitchell Pearce. Then again, Gower would struggle to get a boxing license in NSW, we don’t allow women to box here last time I checked.

Cameron Smith vs Danny Buderus would be a cracker. Smith took over from Buderus not too long ago as far as being the premier hooker in the game goes, so could Danny get some revenge?

Tim Smith vs Brett Finch for the Parramatta number seven jersey would be fun to watch. Who would you want to win though? Could you pull Smith out of the pub long enough for him to be in a fight?

The possibilities are endless!

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