Big Willie Blows Over The Legal Limit

Newcastle Knights forward Willie Mason has been charged with drink driving after allegedly blowing over the legal limit while on his way to training on Monday morning.

Mason will face court on February the 20th.

It is unfortunate timing for Mason who was one of the big names promoting the Auckland 9’s next month. Based on what has happened in the past to players caught drink driving, and with Mason’s profile, I wouldn’t be surprised of Mason was suspended and not able to take part in the Auckland 9’s now.

The NRL Integrity Unit has had a few issues to deal with in recent weeks. The Knights have at at least three players who have found themselves in trouble with the law.

The most shocking thing in all of this? The Newcastle Knights are having early morning training sessions on a public holiday Monday!

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3 thoughts on “Big Willie Blows Over The Legal Limit

  1. Something very 1984 about an “Integrity Unit”.
    Especially when the NRL are sponsored by the likes of Coca Cola.

  2. A company like the NRL has no real requirement other than let the law take care of any issues not dealing with rugby.
    A private company questioning and judging a mans integrity in public via a corporate “integrity unit” is PC marketing nonsense. A wonderful opportunity to link RL with a lack of integrity, it’s defined by the title.
    And like I said if they are taking Coca Cola money then “integrity” is not a subject they should advertise themselves as being able to judge.

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