Australia Look Scrappy In Win Over England

Australia Look Scrappy In Win Over England

Australia have kicked on their World Cup campaign with a scrappy 28-20 win over England.

England got off to a great start in the match as Australia played some lazy football. The Kangaroo’s were doing a lot of arm grabbing in defense while going wide looking for easy meters without doing the hard yards up the middle.

England took advantage with a great first 20 minutes of the match giving them a 10-0 lead however after the 20 minute mark England slowed considerably and it basically gave Australia the breathing room they needed to play themselves into the match.

Australia had major success when they played right up the middle of the field. Dummy half running was killing England, they’re simply wasn’t enough of it.

As expected the field was terrible. It chopped up immediately and played like a very narrow field. The Kangaroo’s really need to re-adjust their game plan to suit the conditions. This World Cup will be won up the middle.

For England, George Burgess played well although his brother Sam may be in a bit of trouble for a swinging arm that knocked Sam Thaiday out. Some have suggested Sam Burgess will be suspended for the rest of the World Cup for it. I’d be surprised if he missed more than one game.

England will be having a long hard think about their halves combination. Rangi Chase was very quiet while Kevin Sinfield was once again completely anonymous against Australia. His goal kicking was also terrible and really cost England. They should drop him for the next game and bring in Gareth Widdop, but they won’t.

For Australia Robbie Farah played well when he came into the game. There were not too many in the Australian side that stood out though. Greg Inglis always looked dangerous when he got the ball as did Billy Slater.

The Kangaroo’s really looked like a team that had not played a warm up match going into the World Cup. The NRL has been worried about asking Australia’s best players to play too many games over the course of a year but I think these days the ARL needs to look at how other teams are preparing for major competitions and do the same thing.

Australia will build into this World Cup and play themselves into form. England can probably get better, but I don’t think they should read too much into this loss. Australia were off their game. If these two teams do meet again, Australia will be a different animal.

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One thought on “Australia Look Scrappy In Win Over England

  1. The problem for england wasn’t in the halves. It was the pack. It’s become almost a cliche to blame englands problems on kevin sinfield and the halves.

    It was 5 tries to 4. England often struggled for territory, but when they did get field position they were able to post points.

    The pack ran out of steam after 20 minutes, because the main source of go forward was from G.Burgess and Hill. Westwood and S.Burgess ket giving silly penalties away, and came up with errors.

    Mossop, ablett and T.Burgess added very little from the bench and you can’t afford that at this level against the best of the best.

    If england hadn’t lapsed in concentration at crucial times (scrum, 40 metres out, 50 seconds to go……come on! jesus) they’d have been able to beat a 60% underdone australia.

    As it is, the chance has gone. NZ by 16 in the semi against england, and then by 4 in the final against australia.

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