Italy Look Very Good In Win Over Wales

Italy has won its first ever game in a World Cup with an impressive 32-16 victory over Wales in Cardiff.

Italy looked really sharp and played very well considering the ground was a mess by the time both teams walked out onto the field. Anthony Laffranchi played great up front, Josh Mantellato was always dangerous out wide, but it was Aidan Guerra who was the real star of this game.

Guerra looked like Greg Inglis in this one. Too big, too strong, too fast, and some of the passes he put on for team mates were unbelievable. The Welsh simply couldn’t stop him.

Wales tried really hard in what was a very good game. The problem was the Welsh simply don’t have the firepower in their lineup. They don’t really have anyone that can break the game open. Tyson Frizell was the only Welsh player that really stood out, and that was more for his big hits in defense than anything else.

Italy might cause a few problems for teams in this World Cup. While they probably wouldn’t be able to beat the likes of New Zealand or Australia, everyone else in the World Cup will need to play very well to beat the Italian team.

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One thought on “Italy Look Very Good In Win Over Wales

  1. The italstralians certainly were pretty impressive, will be interesting if they come across australia at any stage, anthony minichello will get to face off against his ”former nation”.

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