ASADA Ready To Drop The Axe On The Cronulla Sharks

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that ASADA is ready to hand show cause letters to up to 17 players from the 2011 Cronulla Sharks team. There is the possibility that this process will begin as early as this week.

These show cause letters would not mean players would automatically receive bans. They will however outline charges against players and players will have to put forward a very good case to ASADA to escape any possible bans.

With the Sharks 2014 season already looking close to being a write off, this news will likely be a further blow to the club. If players currently at the club do receive bans from ASADA, the Sharks lineup could be decimated.

The Cronulla Sharks club has no one else it can blame for this situation. Coach Shane Flanagan is currently serving a 12 month ban for his role in the alleged used of performance enhancing substances. This investigation has however dragged on for way too long. It might be the best thing for Sharks players to finally have some sort of charges they can actually fight rather than having the axe endlessly hanging over their heads.

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