Are You Poms All On Drugs Or Something?

Every so often, the rivers of Pommy bullshit come so thick and fast that I have to step in and say something about it.

This is one of those times my friends.

It all started last weekend during the Challenge Cup Final, which was won by those insufferable idiots in Warrington. You know, the ones with the pixie dust falling off their miracle salary cap auditors?

It started off well when Richie Myler, who left Salford to go to a “Big Club” so he could “Win Trophies” was left out of the Wolves squad for the Cup Final. It was hilarious, best laugh I’ve had in ages.

Things turned sour though during the game itself. After being disappointed that both sides didn’t burst into flames at some point, the quality of the game was terrible. Leeds looked so far off the pace, they were just wasting everyones time.

The one bright spot in the match? An amazing acrobatic catch by Chris Hicks, who went on to score three tries in a Man Of The Match performance.

But wait…..whats this? 34 of the 40 Rugby League writers at the game gave the award to Lee Briers, who was completely anonymous during the entire contest!

Keep in mind, these are the same idiots who hand out the Golden Boot award. These are the people that said Andrew Farrell was the best player in the entire world a few years ago when he wasn’t even the best player at his own bloody club!

Leading into the match, every neutral fan was openly joking about the fact that all Lee Briers needed to do was kick a ridiculous field goal that was not needed and he would walk away with the award. It turned out he didn’t even need to do that!

Its almost as though the majority of the Rugby League writers attending the game went into it thinking it was going to take something special for Briers not to get the award. What did they need, four tries? Would five tries by Hicks have got him the award?

Just ridiculous.

Fast forward a little less than a week, and its St Helens last game at Knowsley Road after being at the ground for 120 years. Well, the last game apart from this coming weekend, but ya know, who needs to worry about little details like that!

St Helens beat Castleford, and my god, if you listened to St Helens fans, it was something special. Words like miracle, fate and destiny were being thrown around. You know, because who would have thought that when the RFL scheduled ST Helens last regular season game of the year at Knowsley Road against Castleford, a side who run on the smell of an oily rag, that St Helens would somehow pull off a win?


We also had to put up with more stupidity regarding Keiron Cunningham. He is a legend, a god, the only male athlete in the world who needs to get fitted at La Senza for an athletic bra for a heavy set woman.

Terms like “best in the world” were again being thrown around. This guy isn’t even the best hooker at his own club! A player who “Retired” from Test football in his 20’s, having perfected the art of dodging Test matches against Australia and New Zealand for over a decade.

Keep in mind, this is a player who only played 14 times for Great Britain during his entire career. Thats just ten more Tests than Kyle Eastmond has played, and Eastmond is still only 21 years old!

A player who, when unavailable for Great Britain (Read, running and hiding) was replaced by the likes of James Lowes, who was ten times more effective against the worlds best in every game he played.

Legend my arse…

Then we had Hull FC taking on the Leeds Rhinos at KC Stadium. Early on, Hull FC captain Lee Radford went into a tackle on Ryan Bailey and ended up pummeling Bailey, who curled into the fetal position on the ground.

Predictably, Bailey got up from his cowering position on the ground, bleeding like his face was dealing with that time of the month, looking to act all tough again once he was safe in the knowledge that there was 20 players between himself and Radford.

As good as it was to see Bailey bleeding everywhere, Radfords stupidity was amazing. To fly off the handle so early in a match and leave his team mates down to 12 on the field, it was just crazy! It surely cost Hull victory in a vital game heading into the playoffs.

One of the funnier things I got from the game was a quote from Barrie McDermott. He said “You’ve got to have fire in your belly and ice on your mind”. I thought it summed up English players perfectly to be honest.

Fire in their bellies and a big block of frozen water in their heads.

Bringing it full circle though was an article Steffan Garrero of BBC Sport in Wales..

In the article Steffan predictably lauds Briers Challenge Cup non performance and came up with a great comparison. Read on:

“It was the most complete game he has put together since he pulled the strings of the Welsh side against Australia in 2000. Wales lost that one 46-22, but had the future World Champions on the ropes thanks to the unpredictable talent of Briers.”

Only in Great Britain could a player be said to have put on a complete performance in a game in which his side was completely crushed by a scoreline of 46-22.

Seriously, what are you Pommy idiots on?

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