A Stupid Kiwi Opens His Mouth And Gives Motivation That Australia Didn’t Need

There is one rule in Rugby League that you should never, ever break…


You never, ever give any opposition a reason to fire up by talking yourself up before a game. It always ends in tears.

So when NZRL chairman Andrew Chalmers this week game about the best ammunition I have ever seen for a Test side in my lifetime, I couldnt help but wonder what the hell this idiot was thinking. This is what he had to say:

“I was in Sydney after the grand final and was diligently reading all the press and chuckling away to myself,” he said.

“There just seemed to be this common theme that the Australians were picking a side that was going to muscle up and come over here and do the business and make it a tough, physical encounter.

“Well we’ll see how tough they are on Sunday won’t we?

“I think they’re vulnerable and we’re going to find out how tough they are.”


For starters, what Australian side is he looking at? The backline is amazing, the forward pack so deep that we have Willie Mason coming off the bench. Out halves are tough and in form….its a great looking side even though we’re missing Darren Lockyer, Jonathan Thurston and Karmichael Hunt.
Then you have to wonder why Chalmers, the idiot, decided to put so much pressure on the New Zealand side!

If New Zealand loses to Australia now, what should everyone think?

Then there is the fact that Chalmers, the idiot, just laid the platform for the best rugby side on planet Earth do do something they have become masters of. Shutting the mouths of doubters and showing why they are the best in the World.

Even the Poms these days know that you do nothing but praise Australia heading into Test matches because if you challenge them verbally before a game, you pay, every single time.

Now, thanks to Chalmers, the idiot, Australia has all the incentive they ever needed to know only beat New Zealand, but try to humiliate them at home in the same week that their other national rugby team copped a humiliating beating.

So well done Mr Chalmers, you idiot. You just broke the number one rule in Rugby League.

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