Stuart Fielden Dropped From Great Britain Squad

After having morons in Great Britain acclaim him as the best forward in the game, Stuarts Fieldens fall from grace is now complete with his axing from the Great Britain squad ahead of the Test series against New Zealand.

Despite being young and never having out played any opposition from Australia or New Zealand, many in Great Britain started to falsely claim that Fielden was the best prop in the world.

As with most players the Poms do this too, Fielden was quickly found out.

It all culminated in a disastrous 2006 Tri Nations series for Fielden where he wasn’t just out played, but basically brutally bashed out of every game he played.

Nearly 12 months on his confidence and form has not recovered to the point where he is now out of the Great Britain squad all together.

You have to wonder when Great Britain will get a clue and realize the way to be the best is to put the results on the field, no just talk about it.

Time and time again we have seen Great Britain talking up a coach, a certain player or even their chances in a series. They have said they have the worlds best hooker, the worlds best forward pack, the worlds best captain and coach, and every single time these claims have been made they have ended in major embarrassment for British Rugby League and those being acclaimed.

Dont expect them to learn from yet another lesson though, its not part of a Poms makeup.

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