A Run Down Of The Stories That Aren’t Happening In Rugby League

Am I the only one getting sick to death with the way the media keeps trying to manufacturer Rugby League stories lately?

If you have been on the League Freak Juggernaut for long enough, you know I don’t like to stuff around. I like to get straight to the point and not mess about.

I’m finding these days that I’m reading the Rugby League news in Australia, and I’m having to sift through bullshit stories to find anything of any substance!

Now, I get it, there are new papers to fill, sometimes it is a slow news day, sometimes news papers need to toss in a story that is maybe a little bit fanciful. However, it has gone so far that I’m at the point where I’m about to stop reading the Sydney Daily Telegraph all together, and the Sydney Morning Herald is not that far behind.

So I thought what I would do is highlight some of the stories that aren’t happening in the game.

The NRL Will Get A $1.4 Billion Dollar TV Deal
Because the next NRL broadcasting deal can’t be negotiated just year, teams are in limbo as to what level the salary cap will be set at in the not too distant future.

Because of this, the NRL decided it would give a rough guide to clubs as to what the salary cap would rise by based on a sliding scale of figures.

The media took the higher figure and shouted from the rooftops that the NRL would be $1.4 billion dollars in a negotiation that hasn’t even started yet!

The Form Of Western Sydney Clubs Is Seeing AFL Take Over
Unlike the journo’s that come up with this rubbish, I actually live in western Sydney. So when I tell you the AFL has no presence at all out here, I’m speaking from experience.

Sure they are trying, they are doing school clinics every single day….that’s great. However, AFL has been in Sydney for decades, this isn’t something new. Do you think anyone in Blacktown gives a shit that an AFL team will be playing games at Homebush Bay?


Just complete rubbish. When the Sydney Swans start to make an impact….then call me!

Penrith Are In A Crisis And Everyone Hates Phil Gould
Penrith has been in crisis for YEARS! You ask any Panthers fan when was the last time they weren’t in crisis and I’d suggest the answer you will get is “In 2003”.

The complete mass that was left behind by the previous Panthers management and coach is being cleaned up, but it is not going to be a quick fix. This is going to be a long term effort by everyone involved to just get the Panthers back up to the level a normal NRL club should be at.

As for Phil Gould, there is a lot of petty bullshit going on in the media right now from a bunch of sad, insecure hacks. The fact is that if you had to pick five people in the game who would be able to turn a club around, Gould would be one of them.

Clubs, coaches and players go to him for advice. He is one of the most successful coaches in the games history at club and rep level. I think I’d rather my club in his hands than in the hands of a media outsider that just writes about what happens in the game.

The Independent Commission Has Arrived
The fact is that the ARL and News Limited have settled on the 8 people who will form the Independent Commission.

That’s it!

They are not in charge right now, we are still under the same management system we have been since the NRL was formed. There is hope that the Independent Commission will kick in on November 1st, but that has been the hope for the last three years at least!

Anything Todd Carney Related
He has turned over a new leaf. he has turned his life around. He has settled down. He has a new mentor. He has seen the error of his ways.

What a load of shit!

“Dog bites man” is not a headline in the same way that “Man doesn’t act like a complete fucktard” isn’t a headline.

Do you think that Todd Carney is having probably the worst on field season of his career because everything is going great? Do you think that he is playing like garbage because he has turned his life around?

I’m sick to death of hearing about how great Todd Carney is going when you just have to look at how miserable he is to know the poor bastard is hating life at the moment!

Quade Cooper Would Be A Great Rugby League Player
Do everyone a favour “Quade”, either sign on the dotted line or shut the fuck up about it!

The headlines that screamed Quade Cooper was as big of a headline act as Benji Marshall was laughable. Just look at the TV ratings. Quade Cooper has been playing games this year viewed by less people than most NRL Under 20’s games!

I’m like the majority of the Australian population, I don’t hear about the existence of Rugby Union in Australia unless they are talking about Rugby League. The only time Quade Cooper gets a mention in the mainstream is when he is being lined to playing Rugby League.

So shut up and do it….or stop talking about it!

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