Shane Beadman – A Few Ideas To Improve The NRL

Ok I am a strong believer in not trying to fix things that aren’t broken. But I’m now at the thinking process of why not throw in a few more things that would make our game just that little bit better.

I have sat down and brainstormed a few Ideas that the NRL should look at. Here they are in no particular order:

A Draft Combine
Yes you heard it a draft process similar to that of the AFL and or the NBA.
The reason why I think this could help our game is bleedingly obvious it helps the teams who have trouble recruiting star players by rewarding them with the first picks depending on where they finish the previous season.

I know in the NBA there is a term called flopping. If you aren’t familiar with this term then let me explain.

Simply put flopping is when a team purposely goes bad the year before a good draft comes along with alot of talented players to chose from therefore suffering in the short term for long term gains.

The NBA is trying to sort this out now coming up with some kind of way to stop this from happening I think we should seriously watch very closely as to what the outcome of that is and if it is successful then add it to our game.

It is also a way to pump up the pre season a bit more with a draft night being held before every year. Players and fans anticipate on what player they will pick up, it would mean teams would have to trial players do a little bit of scouting but for my mind it does help to even up and spread out the talent within the NRL.

Televised Press Conferences (live games only)
I know you may think this is boring but to some people who can’t get enough of rugby league they have to rely heavily on scrolling through YouTube,twitter or some other source to get the post match press conference.

I know I’m not the only one out there who would love for this to happen so we can get the coaches and captains thoughts on the game straight away other than having to normally wait until the next day when really all the post game hype is over.

Live Games All Weekend
We now live in an age where we have High Definition channels we DONT even use.

Come on Channel 9 pick your game up.

I know and understand you need ratings so it has to be in the right time slots etc but if your going to play a delayed telecast of a game either have it on HD or have it LIVE or even both.

Fans should be able to go on twitter or any other social media and talk about the game (while it happens LIVE) on Delayed Sunday games unless you want to know the score before hand you have to jump off the internet so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

With the new TV deal I think its time we should really make every game on free to air TV HD it defeats the purpose of actually having a channel if you never use it!!

Leave The Sharks In The Shire
If the NRL even consider moving the Sharks they are doing the game a dis service. The Sharks fans are a Rabid, Loyal and Understanding bunch of people.

They have been through hell not only last year but previous years not living up to the high expectations placed upon them.Yet they have a wonderful supporter base and are developing land around there home ground which will make the club sustainable for the foreseeable future.

We should learn from past mistakes that relocation’s don’t work so leave the club alone and watch them grow to be the power house alot of people expect them to be in the next few years..

Look Rabs is an awesome bloke and an absolute legend BUT the last few years has seen him not only get players names wrong during calls (numerous times) (maybe early signs of dementia) but also having this personal ongoing light hearted feud with Mr Gould (which none of us give a shit about).

Honestly us footy fans tune in to watch the game not listen to some of the dribble that has come out of his and Gusses mouth over the last few years.

In all honesty where is Vossy???? at least he focused mostly on the footy!!
Which leads me to Mr Hadley I wont say much about that foul mouthed fool (in fear of getting my ass sued) other than WE ARE NOT AT THE RACES!!!

If the NRL can implement a good amount of this into the game in the near future then in my opinion it will help make our game better for the long term!!!

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  1. I like the televised press conference idea but can they arrange it so we hear the questions as well as the answers.

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