6 Types Of Rugby Bets

Rugby’s thrilling pace and unpredictable outcomes have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Many also engage in the excitement of rugby betting, where they try to predict the tournament’s first tryscorer, highest points scorer,  or winner.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting rugby bets.

  1. Outright Bets

Outright betting is a market in which you predict the team winning a tournament. The World Cup and Six Nations are the most common markets in the Union for this type of betting.

For example, betting on the Rugby World Cup allows you to wager for your favorite team or country to win the entire tournament. Your bet will succeed if they win the tournament and claim the trophy. 

  1. Future Wagers

Rugby futures bets focus on the big picture, projecting which team will triumph in a league, series, or competition months or even years in advance. The concept involves placing the wager when the odds are advantageous or early enough. 

For instance, you could wish to wager on the next Rugby World Cup, as it only occurs once every four years. After some research, you can wager on a team near the bottom of the odds list.

You believe they have potential and trust that they have a shot at being a serious contender for the next World Cup.

If you’re in a place like Kentucky where basketball is king, read this if you’d like to sink your teeth into rugby. 

  1. Handicap Betting

This is an exciting option if you want to gamble on your favorites with greater odds. The operator places a disadvantage on the better-performing team while favoring the underdog.  

For instance, the operator may give Wales a -12.5 handicap and give Fiji a +12.5 advantage in a game between Wales and Fiji. If you wager that Wales will win, they must defeat Fiji with 13 points or more for your wager to govern a return.

  1. Player Betting

More Rugby fans like to bet on individual players in games, particularly on the first tryscorer. This means predicting the player who will score the match’s opening try. 

Usually, the favorites are the agile backs who excel in attacking, but forwards have a chance too, and their odds are higher. 

Another popular bet is on the highest points scorer, which often decides the winner, especially internationally. In this case, the two fly-halves, who usually handle conversions and penalties, are the likely players to bet on.

  1. Halftime Bets

Rugby usually consists of two 40-minute halves. It lets you speculate on how the two teams will stand at the end of the half. 

In other words, different types of bets that you can place on a rugby match will have different odds and values depending on how long the game lasts. The shorter playing time affects the probability and outcome of the match.

  1. Totals Betting

It’s also possible to bet on the total number of points scored in a game. Bookmakers will only inquire whether the game will include 30.5 points or more. Then, as a bettor, you would risk your money on a game with more or fewer points than the bookmaker suggests. 


As rugby continues to become popular, online betting NZ and global wagering grows by uniting fans in the thrill of predicting game-changing moments and celebrating the sport they love. Whether you try halftime bets or player betting, there’s something for every fan to enjoy.

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