10 Famous People Who Played Rugby

While most Americans are familiar with football, the beautiful game of rugby has been played in the country for decades. The game isn’t as revered or well-known as other iconic sports such as basketball, football, or basketball, though there are still several talented players pushing the game forward.

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Here are ten famous people you never knew they played rugby.

1. George W. Bush
The former United States President George W Bush was a rugby fan who played the game a little when he was young. George played as a full-back in the Yale-University rugby team and was arguably an influential figure in the team’s victory over their archrivals, Havard University, in 1968.

2. Che Guevara
In his days, this Argentine revolutionary was an avid rugby player for Cordoba. The inside center even launched a rugby magazine that printed out 11 issues in 1957.

3. Mark Cuban
It’s hard to think of the Dallas Mavericks without thinking about the owner, Mark Cuban. The cool Shark Tank judge and entrepreneur played rugby while studying at Indiana University.

4. Idi Amin
While the Ugandan dictator took many lessons from British who he highly admired, one of the best things they taught him was playing in the second row. In one of his statements, Idi Amin brags of his ability to push people due to his experience playing in the second row.

5. Gareth Bale
A world-class soccer player, Gareth Bale grew up in a rugby-crazed country, Wales. Bale was on the same team as the famous Welsh Captain, Sam Warburton, though he chose to pursue a career in soccer where he felt he’d be more successful.

6. Andre The Giant
Andre the Giant has a well-documented life thanks to his achievements in wrestling. The huge Frenchman became an icon after he became a professional wrestler in the 60s, though he used to play rugby in his hometown when he was younger.

7. Daniel Craig
While rugby might be the perfect training for a James Bond role, nobody knows whether that’s why Craig aced the part. However, we do know that Craig played rugby for England’s Hoylake RFC.

8. Jacques Chirac
Former French President Jacques Chirac played number 8 and second row while with the Brive’s youth team. He also played rugby for the Paris Institute of Political Studies. It’s no wonder the man was nicknamed “the bulldozer.”

9. Gordon Brown
The former British Prime minister played rugby for the Kirkcaldy High School, located in Fife at 16 years. However, he had a blow to the head that detached his left eye retina, stopping him from playing. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from taking the PM slot from Tony Blair.

10. Russell Crowe
Since his childhood, Russell Crowe has been an avid rugby player and fan. In fact, the 56-year- old actor owns half of the Rugby League side, the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

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