Keep Channel 9 And Its Trash Content Away From NRL Digital

Remember when Channel 9 and New Limited were attacking the NRL relentlessly over the investment the NRL made in setting up and running NRL Digital?

It was a giant waste of money they said. Why is the NRL producing so much content? Why are they paying so many people to write about the sport? Why are they preparing the game to be in a position to stream live content?

Well it turns out NRL Digital is a VERY valuable asset, one that makes a profit for the game and give the sport a massive reach completely independent of the mainstream media. NRL Digital is in fact a direct competitor to the mainstream media outlets, and it’s turns out the mainstream media hates having to compete with NRL Digital.

After running an orchestrated campaign against NRL Digital, one that included getting its various employees attack the sport, the administrators personally, and the NRL Digital setup, it turns out Channel 9 actually wants to take over the running of NRL Digital as part of a “deal” it is offering to the sport.

Make no mistake here….if Peter V’landys allows Channel 9 any influence over NRL Digital, if he defunds it, if he shuts it down….if he doesn’t support it completely and keep it 100% owned and operated by the NRL itself, he has stabbed the entire sport in the back. It would be one of the most undermining, disgraceful things any administrator has ever done to Rugby League.

Peter V’landys can not give away NRL Digital.

There could be nothing worse than to hand over such a valuable asset the game has built because of media pressure. Pressure from the games direct content competition!

The though of Channel 9 running NRL Digital is sicking. Channel 9 produces absolutely garbage content across off of its media outlets. Old men screaming into the ether. People dressed as pirates trying to stay relevant. Myopic opinions on a sport they actively tried to keep shut down this year so they could save themselves a dollar!

Who the fuck wants to go to the NRL website and see Phil Gould and Paul Gallen whinging about a sport they made millions of dollars out of? Fuck that!

NRL Digital gives the sport its own voice. It allows the sport to talk directly with its supporters. It allows the sport to cut out the middle man and promote the game first, not just look for trashy click bait as we see out of the likes of Channel 9 and News Limited.

Do you want to hear podcasts from NRL Digital from referees and former players….or would you rather hear the likes of Mark Leavy doing a poor mans Ray Hadley impersonation as he does nothing but constantly fucking whinge about the sport?

Do you want to see your club promoted on NRL Digital, or do you want to see someone like News Limited take out over so they can airbrush the Canterbury Bulldogs sponsors off their jerseys because they don’t like the club?

Would you like to hear great players talking about what they did on the field through NRL Digital, or would you rather hear Andrew Johns recalling some time he got shitfaced with his team mates and how funny that was. You had to be there…..

Turning over NRL Digital to any mainstream media company would be a disaster.

We are watching you Peter V’landys. Don’t fuck this up….

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