Kalyn Ponga Asking For $6 Million Over 4 Years To Stay At The Newcastle Knights

News Limited is reporting that the management of Newcastle Knights fullback Kalyn Ponga has told the club he is looking for $6 million over 4 years to stay at the club.

Ponga has been the Knights best player in 2019 and even over the course of this season has improved from a very talented youngster into a player who performs week in, week out for the club no matter what the result betting sites Australia has and what the the team achieves at the end of the game.

Ponga in the past has been look at as a terrific athlete, but this season he has shown incredible vision in attack, a fantastic passing game, an ability to read what the defence is trying to do and exploit weaknesses in it, as well as an incredible amount of leadership for a player so young.

Ponga was always going to demand a lot of money when he came off contract, and no doubt other clubs will be looking to try and attract Ponga away from Newcastle, but the Knights are in the box seat to sign Ponga and they should do everything they can to hold onto him.

In my opinion the Knights should try to offer Ponga a longer term deal, even if that means he wants a little more money. Locking Ponga in on a longer term deal would help bring more stability to the club and let them focus on other areas.

Is Ponga worth the money? I think he is. Even if you just look at the player he is right now, he is a game breaker, a top class talent, and a true leader, especially when the team he plays for is on the back foot.

The Knights shouldn’t hesitate, they should pay Ponga what he wants. He is worth every single cent.

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