You Lost, So Shut Up!

Manly belted the Gold Coast Titans on Monday Night Football and it was a bit of a firey clash.

With their season long over, and having been well beaten, you’d think the Titans would just head back up to the Gold Coast and look towards the last game of the season, which incidently means nothing to them.

That wasn’t the case.

The Titans players seemingly couldn’t wait to get on TV today and start bagging the Sea Eagles.

Among the things said where that the Sea Eagles felt they were better than the Titans (Which is right), that they thought they could bash the Titans out of the game (Which they did) and that Manly are not a good chance of winning the premiership (Like they would know!).

Now, I’m not a Manly fan, in fact, I hate Manly. However its a rich for the team sitting in 13th place to start calling out the team sitting at the top of the ladder the day after they got their arses handed to them by the same team!

The Titans should have kept their mouths shut and headed back to the Gold Coast and prepared to watch Manly during the finals series….on TV….because thats all the Titans have left in 2008.

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