YES! We Got Him! Semi Radradra Is Officially An Australian!

Oh yeah, we got our man! Semi Radradra has turned his back on the nation of his birth and will line up for the mighty, the amazing, the incredible “Australian” Kangaroos when they take on those horrible bastards from over in New Zealand who….ah who cares, this is all about Australia! Uh, Tonie Carroll? What about Brad Thorn? He was a Kiwi too wasn’t he? John Hopoate was born in Tonga. Did you know that?
You see here in Australia, we are the best! You can not defeat us because we produce all the best players in the world, of which, Semi Radradra is one of them. Petero Ciconiceva was born in Fiji. As was Lote Tuqiri. Hmm, I see a pattern here…
You see, technically, Semi Radradra might be Fijian. I get that. Rugby League’s strange eligibility rules could easily give the uninitiated the idea that being born and raised in a certain part of the world means you are from there. The problem is, that’s just wrong! He’s Australian. Why else would Australia name a player that isn’t Australian? Remember Akuila Uate? He was born in Fiji too. We don’t need him now though…

The weird thing is there are people out there in the game who believe that Australian Rugby League, that has more money than the rest of the Rugby League playing world combined and times by 50, has any obligation to propagate the game anywhere else on planet earth. What type of stupid idiot would even think that? James Tamou is a Kiwi, and without him our pack would be even more threadbare than it currently is!

Mal Meninga is putting pride back into the green and gold jersey. He knows every kid in Australia and its associated catchment area, for economic reasons, wants to play for the Kangaroos. He knows that in the chest of every 23 year old Fijian first grader beats the heart of an Australian! Bob Fulton and Ian Roberts were both born in England. This isn’t a new thing!
Now, Australia, we must use our combined strength to decimate the rest of the Rugby League playing world in a manner that leaves them helpless in the face of our growing talent pool of natural, god given ability. God defend New Zealand? Good luck when we have wingers like Semi Radradra running all over the top of you! What are we doing this for? We don’t need these players. Its killing the sports credibility!
I understand that some people will be bitter. Jealousy is a terrible curse. What can I say, the rest of you are just not very good. If you were able to produce players like Semi Radradra then maybe you’d be as good as Australia is. The problem is you can’t. Do you want to know why that is?
Because other nations aren’t needy arseholes like us?
You just don’t want it bad enough.
Any success Australia has is tainted because of greed.
So when the Australia lines up against New Zealand, don’t feel sorry for the Kiwi’s. They don’t deserve your support. They are just a backdrop for the might of the Kangaroos to show their dominance. John Grant and Todd Greenberg should both be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen on their watch.
Its all about Australia!
And that is why international Rugby League is a fucking joke!

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