Will Michael Maguire See Out The Year At The Wests Tigers?

After a terrible start to their 2021 NRL season the heat is already on Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire with online gambling sites suggesting he will be the first coach to go this season.

Maguire has received the dreaded “full support of the board” already, and its a rotten situation when you consider the situation he walked into and how little influence he has been able to have with the playing roster the Wests Tigers currently have.

The clubs has failed miserably to sign quality players consistently, and the teams lineup looks like a mish-mash of players all thrown together at the last minute. I don’t think there is any doubt Michael Maguire is doing his best with what he has to work with, and it is completely unfair that the clubs board has put the pressure on Maguire to turn around a club that needs a cleanup from top to bottom.

It is clear at this stage that the Wests Tigers need to move on from Luke Brooks, who just has no developed at all as a first grade player. The odds of him turning into the playmaker we all expected are very low, in fact you’d get far better odds at the best usa online casino sites!

James Roberts has been a late signing that hasn’t panned out, while Joey Leilua is not only out of form, but his ill discipline is costing the side every single week.

The loss of Benji Marshall over the off season crippled the clubs playmaking stocks and Adam Doueihi has done his best to pick up the slack.

Moses Mbye is once again having another disappointing season, so much so that the club has told him that he is free to leave if he can find someone else who will take up a portion of his massive contract.

All in all, this season has already been a disaster for the Wests Tigers.

The worst aspect of the club so far this season is the way they have just given up and failed to show any effort in at least three games this year. When that happens you normally look at the coach, but I can’t blame Maguire for what we are seeing. This is a culture problem at the club, one that starts in the front office.

Coming out of the off season I tipped the Wests Tigers to win the wooden spoon, although I didn’t change my mind on this after they had a decent pre season. I thought they would finish in the bottom 4 of the NRL competition, but now that the teams below them have started to improve, we could see the Wests Tigers go into free fall and pick up the clubs first ever wooden spoon.

Would that be enough to get the changes in the front offence that the club needs? Who knows.

What we have unfortunately seen is that the front office at the Wests Tigers is trying to deflect attention from themselves, making a big deal out of bringing in former Tigers legend Robbie Farah as a consultant and putting pressure on Maguire to deliver results.

Hopefully Wests Tigers supporters don’t fall for it. Pressure needs to be kept on the board and the CEO. The Wests Tigers should be one of the best clubs in the NRL every single season. Seeing them in this state is just sad to watch as an opposition supporter.

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