Penrith Panthers Success Built On Junior Development And Defense

It has been an incredible 18 months to be a Penrith Panthers supporter!

After an amazing 2020 season that saw the club go on a record breaking winning streak and appear in their first Grand Final since 2003, the Panthers the odd at the best online casinos in australia suggest they can equal last years amazing run, or even go one better.

The Panthers have build a club with amazing depth. So much so that every single player at the club can rely on a very solid replacement should they find themselves injured or suspended. In fact it is really only halfback Nathan Cleary where the club lacks a backup player who can do at least 85% of what their first choice counterpart can do, and that is not a bad thing when you consider how good Cleary has played so far in 2021.

Of course this type of depth is not typical. Most clubs can only dream of being in this position. This is due to the Penrith Panthers amazing junior development pathways and strong commitment to making sure their elite junior players get a chance to play first grade football if they are good enough.

This environment has seen the Panthers culture become very competitive. Every placer knows that some poor form or a lack of discipline could see them replaced by a junior players just looking for their opportunity to shine.

The other areas that the Penrith Panthers have excelled in is on the defensive side of the ball.

The Panthers have been compared to some of the best defensive teams in the games history, and are personally stepping up to the best defensive side I have ever seen play the game as they eclipse the Manly Sea Eagles teams of the mid 1990s.

Their stifling, gang tackling style is a nightmare for opposition teams to face. Coupled with their amazing bench depth, the Panthers put in a full 80 minutes of hard defensive work that really frustrates opposition teams on a weekly basis.

Whether you try to beat them through the middle of the park or out wide, the Panthers always seem to have an answer. Their ability to shut down opposition teams has see their odds of winning the premiership skyrocket like your chances of winning like playing the best casino games.

Injuries have taken their toll on a number of the Panthers biggest premiership rivals this season. The Roosters look like a club that is almost out on their feet, while the Storm just look a little less ominous this season. The Eels still need to prove themselves while Canberra has fallen right out of Premiership contention.

It is all set ups perfectly for the Panthers. They just need to stay healthy from here on in.

The most incredible part of their position in the leave right now is the fact that this Panthers squad is so young! The Panthers regularly field the most inexperienced NRL team every weekend, which just makes their performances all that more amazing.

As a Penrith Panthers supporter I can tell you its an absolute pleasure to watch this team play week in, week out. This is the Panthers juggernaught fans of the club have always dreamed of.

It is a lot of fun to watch your team when they look absolutely unstoppable!

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