Why Does Shaun McRae Still Have A Job?

After a terrible start to the 2011 Super League season, Salford Reds fans had already had enough. They knew they needed a new coach and they wanted Shaun McRae sacked.

Anyone that saw Shaun McRae appear on Sky Sports Super League coverage the night after the Reds had been utterly thrashed by St Helens must have felt the same bewilderment I felt. What was he doing turning up to a second job when he isn’t even doing the first job well!

Of course, McRae tried to talk his way around things. A team he built, players he signed, another terrible start to the season, but its all good…

The following weekends Salford managed to beat Wakefield, who had sold a number of players leading into the game.

Then, a few days later it was revealed that Shaun McRae will take a month off from coaching for health reasons. With his Australian assistant coach back in Australia, the team will be coached by the clubs Director Of Football and a couple of other assistant coaches.

Am I missing something here?

The Salford Reds coach, who’s results are beyond terrible, and who is one the verge of getting sacked, informs the club he can’t turn up to work for a month….and he STILL can’t get himself fired!

What would it take for McRae to get fired?

The teams playing terribly, he won’t be there for a month….does he need to kill somebody and wear their head like a hat?

As one fan mentioned to me on Twitter, McRae must have some dirty of the Salford board or something….what the hell are they waiting for? This is their out! This is a gift!

I expect one of two things to happen…

Either McRae will announce that his health problems won’t allow him to return, or, he’ll come back, Salford will still play terrible football, and they will need a new coach eventually anyway!

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