Why Do People Hate Erin Molan?

For some reason I still watch The Footy Show. Maybe its because I like to see them ripping off my Rugby League Look-Alikes and not giving me any credit at all. Maybe I just like in hope that one day they’ll talk a little bit about Rugby League. Who knows!

The one constant that I notice though is that any time Erin Molan joins the discussion Twitter lights up with outrage. People say some really horrible things about Erin…and I’m not really sure why.

To me, Erin Molan is just another face on TV. She is just another content gatherer for a media company. I don’t like or dislike her. She does he job, and thats that.

Now, I’d be silly to overlook the fact that she is a female. Personally, the fact that Erin Molan is a female reporting on Rugby League doesn’t have any effect on me at all. It does get to a lot of people though.

Especially women…

I wrote not too long ago about the hurdles female sports journalists face. There is no doubt that Erins gender comes into play when people start smashing her on Twitter. In the interests of fairness you have to question whether I would even be writing this article if the hatred wasn’t directed at a woman. After all, I’m not writing this about Terry Kennedy to suffers from the same thing when ever he finds his way onto The Footy Show!

I don’t know Erin at all. I don’t even follow her on Twitter. I know as much about her as anyone else that watches The Footy Show. She seems nice enough. She passes on useful information. There have been a few times where her “mail” has been way off, but in that regard she should take a ticket with every other journo out there!

To their credit The Footy Show, particularly the Sunday version, has for years given reporting roles to women. Some of them have been really good. Others, not so much. However when you consider that people tune in to hear what a bunch of footballers think about football, they do well to make sure women do have a role somewhere on the show.

Erin Molan has fit in as well as anyone before her thats for sure.

The Thursday night version of The Footy Show has been a bit more patchy when it comes to the role of women. At times it has felt like they have simply been trying to role out some “eye candy”. Sit there, don’t say much, and when you do we can all laugh at you for being a girl.

Even in this environment Erin has managed to find the right balance. She does he job, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That might sound like a put down but think of this….do you reckon Danny Weidler would be willing to have a laugh about anything at all when on camera?

I’d rather see a report from Erin Molan over Danny Weidler any day!

I’m sure there will be thousands of people that disagree with me. I’m sure I’ll cop some sort of abuse for simply asking the questions above. I for one don’t have a problem with Erin Molan.

Why other people have issues with her is beyond me!

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One thought on “Why Do People Hate Erin Molan?

  1. I can’t work it out …I think it’s just jealousy ..i think the women wish they were as beautiful as she is..and the blokes wish their women was as well…she probably knows more about football than most of the dimwitts who bag her will ever know..

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