Why Are The Roosters Forcing Sonny Bill Williams To Return To Rugby League?

Sonny Bill Williams has revealed that he already regrets his decision to return to Rugby League and if he had his time over again, he would never have agreed to join the Sydney Roosters three years ago and would stay in Rugby Union.

As it stands right now Williams has a stint in Japanese Rugby Union to complete before joining the Sydney Roosters some time in the new year. Ironically he will be there fulfilling a handshake agreement he made with Roosters supremo Nick Politis soon after walking out on the contract he signed with the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Personally, I don’t really care what Sonny Bill Williams does. He has allowed himself to becomes a mercenary and a circus all rolled into one. That the NZRU is willing to take part in his games is pathetic on their behalf, but for an NRL team to sign him up for an exorbitant amount of money is plain bloody madness.

Here is what I keep thinking though…

If Williams really does not want to come back and play Rugby League, that is fine. It is not like Rugby League has missed him at all.

What type of club though would read Williams recent comments and still hold him to a handshake deal? Why wouldn’t you get in contact with Williams and say to him, if he really does not want to play for your club, he is more than welcome to break his agreement and continue doing what he is doing right now?

Why would the Roosters force Williams to turn up and play for them if months out from joining them he is already talking about now wanting to?

Obviously there will be some within the Roosters, and the games administration in general, that are banking on the fact that once Williams is back playing the sport he grew up playing he will enjoy himself so much he will not want to leave again.

I personally think that is a naive and stupid point of view. This is a kid that gets shuffled around from one job to the next by his handlers. He changes his mind about what he wants to do more than Super League teams change jersey designs!

If Williams is not enjoying his time at the Roosters and he gets a massive offer elsewhere a few weeks into the season, would you bet you life on him staying with the club?

To spend so much money on a forward who has not played a game of Rugby League in years is completely ridiculous. Releasing him from his contract next season would not only be doing Williams a favour, but it would give the Roosters a lot of salary cap space spare to spend in areas they need to improve in over the long term.

The Roosters would even be better off spending that free’d up money on a couple of Super League players, at least they play Rugby League! Offer James Roby or Sam Tomkins a one year deal with the club. Roll the dice of a player who is currently playing the game and who you know is more likely to stay at the club if they enjoy themselves.

If Williams doesn’t want to play Rugby League, don’t force him too. It will only end one way…badly.

The Roosters decision to sign Williams has already painted the club in a terrible light. Next season is already looking like it is committed to the circus that is Sonny Bill Williams. Why be a part of that? While other clubs are focused on building for the future the Roosters are willing to become a year long saga that is going to drag out and that will see Williams eventually look to play tiddlywinks!

The Sydney Roosters should let Sonny Bill Williams stay in Rugby Union and stop indulging the wishes Nick Politis as he tinkers with his franchise like a toddler with a toy.

Link: Sonny Bill Williams Regrets Agreement To Return To The NRL

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2 thoughts on “Why Are The Roosters Forcing Sonny Bill Williams To Return To Rugby League?

  1. The Roosters are hoping he has a change of heart while he is playing for them. What if they are rooted to the bottom of the table, losing every week? He has up and left a club before…

    Another concern are his team mates. They may all act chummy, but do you want to be putting your body on the line for someone who doesn’t really want to do the same thing for you? Whilst he is earning big playing Japanese rugby, you’re running up sand dunes and puking everywhere. He tells the club when he wants to come in and rattles off demands, you get by on a fifth (or tenth depending on who you are) of what he gets and get told to sit down, shut up and do what you’re told.

    And then there’s the fans. Man, the instance he even looks disinterested or whispers start about his dissatisfaction (and it will happen), they’ll be running around like headless chooks. The blame game begins, and BOOM! He’s gone, back to where he wants to be.

    Is it worth it? I don’t really know, best go ask a Bulldogs supporter.


  2. It will be very interesting to see what happens when he decides he is going to fight some shelf packer from Auckland too. As you say, players will be putting their bodies on the line while his commitment won’t be 100%.

    That won’t just effect them next season, that will effect the culture of the club after he has gone too.

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