What The Hell Were These Idiots Thinking!

By now you have probably heard the news that on a night out, three Brisbane Broncos players, alleged to be Karmichael Hunt, Sam Thaiday and Darius Boyd, were in the mens toilets in a pub three waying a girl who has claimed assault against the three players.

Its been alleged that everything was fine and dandy until she realized she was being taped on a mobile phone by one of the three players.

What the hell were they thinking!

I mean, their club is in the middle of the finals, they are all high profile players and none of them can claim to be anonymous in Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales or even New Zealand for that matter.

So its not like a bunch of guys going to knock one out…and no one will ever know about it.

With everything thats happened in the NRL in recent years, and the spotlight players are under, their alleged actions were nothing short of insane!

With all that side, here is what I don’t get….

What normal bloke is fine with having sex of any kind while his mate watches? I don’t know about you, but I can think of a billion other things I’d rather see while I’m busting one out than Sam Thaiday, Karmichael Hunt or Darius Boyd.

What the hell do they do anyway?

Do you high five, to you cheer your mate on, do you talk about next weeks tactics against the Storm, do you read the sports news?

At the end of the day these people that do this have major problems. Aside from the old sloppy seconds thing, or meeting a girl who five minutes later is taking more shlong than Jenna Jameson at her peak, these blokes enjoy getting off looking at other guys!

It was a pub toilet…..three footballers and one chick. There wasn’t enough room in there to have seen anything more than the sweaty, rippling bodies of their team mates on the edge of extacy.

If that last sentence didn’t make your cringe…..you need behavioral therapy!

The Broncos management must be like everyone else….just shaking their heads wondering what these players were thinking to do something so utterly stupid.

It also puts them in a terrible position.

Normally you’d think the club would drop the players, but with a sudden death game against the Storm coming up, they can’t really afford to.

The Queensland police have said it may take weeks to finish the investigation and as of right now, no charges have been laid, so the Broncos hands are a bit tied at the moment.

One thing I do not think should be under question is the possible selection of any of these players in Australia’s World Cup squad. They simply should no be considered as long as these allegations are hanging over their heads.

As a team mate, you’d be filthy at these players (Well, if you weren’t there!). With your entire season on the line, when most players are wrapping themselves in cotton wool so they are ok to play games, this lot is out trying to raise the level of STD’s in the Brisbane population.

Then you also have to factor in that, for a while, none of these players had been named, so every player at the club was under suspicion.

Its just a horrible mess….and its all on tape.


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