Wests Tigers 2019 NRL Season Ends With A Loss To The Manly Sea Eagles

The Wests Tigers season is all but over after falling to the Manly Sea Eagles at Brookvale Oval by a scoreline of 32 – 12.

The Tigers, who came into the game missing hooker Robbie Farah, were dealt a massive blow early on in the game when replacement hooker Jacob Liddle suffered what looked like a catastrophic knee injury early on in the match.The Sea Eagles did everything they needed to do, showing why they are rated so highly by sports bet online and by fans around the league.

The Wests Tigers will now look towards the 2020 season with the need to work out who will be Robbie Farah’s permanent replacement, needing to move on Josh Reynolds, work out what Benji Marshall wants to do, and only then will bookmaker sports betting sites be able to get a good line on where the team may finish next season.

The Wests Tigers may have won a title in 2005, but for the vast majority of their history the club has missed the finals series. Going into season 2020 the club has a major rebuild on its hands, something supporters of the club are getting fed up with hearing.

While the club is not in a great place in terms of their salary cap position, Michael Maguire is the right coach to take the team forward. The club needs to get behind him, give him all of the support he needs, and not get in the way of any moves he wants to make.

The Wests Tigers need a major turn around going forward. They need to set themselves down in one area, with one stadium, and focus on the one place to call their own.

They need stability at board level. They need to bring through more of their good junior players, and they need to finally start buying quality players on the open player market, something the club has failed miserably at over the last two decades.

Can the Tigers make it happen? Who knows. I guess we will know whether they are heading in the right direction about this time next year.

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