Will We See Stars Take Part In The Rugby League 9’s World Cup?

With a number of end of season international games taking part in the Southern Hemisphere including an almost Great Britain Lions tour, we will also see the very first Rugby League 9’s World Cup being played over a couple of days at Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta.

It will be interesting to see how many star players take part in the Rugby League 9’s World Cup and how that will effect the odds at the best online casinos for us players. Will Australia roll to of team of star players and come into the tournament as favourites? Will we see the Kiwi’s go all out to win the competition? Will England have enough left in the tank to have a run at the competition? Can anyone stop a full strength Fijian team if they name their best side?

If the 2019 Rugby League 9’s World Cup is a success we could see the tournament played on a regular basis in many different parts of the world. Will we soon see online gambling sites south africa giving odds on the Rhinos to win a tournament hosted in South Africa? Will we see France finally host another major tournament after so long going without? Could we see the tournament played through Pacific Island nations? Could we see it hosted by Asian countries or in the Middle East?

North America would be a great market for the game to look to break through in using the Rugby League 9’s World Cup. Really the only place most will be looking to avoid will be England and Australia on a regular basis.

All of this the expansion of the competition, relies on stars running out at the end of this season. For there to be a major buzz around the tournament and for it to capture the imagination of the wider Rugby League public.

If that happens the crowds turn up, the TV ratings are good, and if we see a team win it that isn’t called Australia, I dare bet we might see another Rugby League 9’s World Cup played again as early as 2020.

The Rugby League 9’s can be played with fewer stars than full on test football, but for the first tournament to be a success, I’d suggest that the stars need to turn out and put on a great show for the supporters of the game.

The Rugby League 9’s World Cup needs that commitment for every team that takes part in 2019. Anything less could see the tournament struggle to gain a foothold, and that would be a huge shame for such a great, exciting part of the game.

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