Wayne Bennett Should Just Come Out And Tell The Newcastle Knights He Is Leaving

Wayne Bennett has told News Limited that he is unsure of his future beyond this season as the Knights ownership saga drags on.

Bennett has said he wants to see what happens with the change of ownership at the Newcastle Knights before he makes a decision but he intends to be coaching somewhere next season.

Does that sound like someone that intends to stick around?

When Wayne Bennett moved to the Newcastle Knights it was for the biggest coaching deal in Rugby League history. Wayne Bennett was there for the money, and that is fine! This is professional sport, and coaches has as much right to get the best deal they can for themselves as players do.

Wayne Bennett has coached a club that has had a lot to deal with in 2014. Still, their performance on the field has left a lot to be desired. Quite honestly, the Knights have been terrible this season. Their old lineup, which Bennett had a hand in assembling, just couldn’t go another season.

There are already other clubs lining up to make massive offers to Wayne Bennett, and no none would think any less of him if he left a club that couldn’t afford to pay him for one that could.

Still, Bennett just needs to be honest about it. He needs to come out and tell Knights supporters that he is looking to leave the club at seasons end.

After all, he needs to only look at Ricky Stuart’s exit from the Parramatta Eels last season to see how supporters can turn on a coach they feel isn’t being honest with them.

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