New South Wales State Of Origin Stars Call For A Return To One Referee

If there is one thing I love writing about, it is referees…

Paul Gallen and Greg Bird have called for a return to one referee for State Of Origin football. They believe one referee, one voice, would help ease confusion over decisions and make it easier for players who have to deal with just one man in the middle and his interpretation of the rules.

When I look at State Of Origin one, the pace of the game, I just think we have moved beyond one referee. The game was no decided by refereeing decisions. The teams were allowed to battle it out and that is the way it should have been.

When you play Rugby League one of the things you have to deal with are the referees. They are as much part of the game as the players are.

I personally would like to see people move beyond criticizing the referees every time a decision is made that they don’t like. The referees have a hard enough job as it is, they get the vast majority of decisions right, its just a shame that they can be used as an excuse or a get out of jail free card for every player, coach or supporter that feels as though they have been hard done by.

Just shut up, play the game, and may the best team win.

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